Mizpah All Saints Celebration 2006 & Blessing of the Christmas Shoeboxes
Remembering our Mizpah friends who have recently passed on.
Pastor Sims Christmas Shoeboxes on the alter were also ready for blessing
Pastor Betty Jo Sims at the Mizpah Pulpit Christmas Shoeboxes awaiting their blessing.  Soon they will be on their way to needy children.
Candles lit for All Saints Celebration Memorial Rememberance was  presented for
Odell Shockley
A candle was lit for each person remembered. Judy presented a very nice tribute to Odell.
Friends, Family and Mizpah Congregation who attended the service
Greeting one another in Christian LoveGreeting one another in Christian Love

Barbara in green, Anne looking Pretty in PinkDaddy Ryan sharing baby Julia with Ms. Jean

The Congregation

Pastor Betty Jo & JimJim and Benny -  Ms. Jean behind them

Shawn in his favorite seat!Mitchell Family in Prayer

Kelly FamilyLizzy at the Organ