Mizpah United Methodist Church, Walkerton, VA
invites you to view the activities surrounding Christmas 2005.  All the thumbnail images below can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Use your back button feature to return to this page. 

We invite you to come and join us in worship and be a part of the beautiful, wholesome festivities our little church has to offer. God Bless you all! 

Mizpah at Christmastime 2005Mizpah at Christimastime 2005side entrance to Mizpah Christmastime 2005

Mizpah United Methodist Church Decorated for Christmas 2005

It arrives on a semi-truck!Shawn Smith showing off the tree he delivers!Pastor Betty Jo Simms & Shawn showing joy over the tree!Shawn, Cassy & Benny on the steps of Mizpah!

Shawn Smith delivers the Christmas Tree as the Pastor and church members watch!
Wow!!!!  Was all we could say.

Ryan, Betty Jo & Benny decorating!Jim Simms climbing the ladder with Benny looking on!Benny Hardwick & Linda Mitchell deep in discussion!Brenda Clements, April Kelly & Benny Hardwick hard at work!Jim Smith & Jim Simms being instructed by Betty Jo on how to set the tree up!  Boy what a hard task it was so large.

Church members decorating the tree!  A potluck dinner and fun and laughter was enjoyed by all during our tree decorating party.  A ladder was used to reach the top of the tree.

Mizpah UMC Christmas Tree 2005 - Magnificant!!!!  It was probably 25-30 foot tall!

Mizpah Christmas Tree 2005 - Its HUGH!!!!!!

Cousin Andrew holding Cassy at Mizpah.Mamma Tammy helping Amber (Mary) and Cassy (Angel) get dressed.Joseph getting his headwrap on - Shephard Jason in green.Cast and crew hard at work - being transformed into Biblical characters!

Members of the play cast getting ready for their production of "Christmas Treasures".

Pastor BettyJo Simms starting the service!Pastor BettyJo Simms & Pat Smith singing a carol!Pastor Bobby GibsonPastor Bobby Gibson singing Christmas carols at Mizpah!

Pastor Betty Jo Simmons and Pastor Bobby Gibson both participated in the service and Holy Communion.

Mizpah's Candlelight Ceremony!More of the congregation!Congregation singing along also!More of the congregation!Diane & her mother-in-law singing along! Tara & brother Kyle Taylor looking on in the background!

The congregation singing Christmas Carols!

Cast of "Christmas Treasures"Amber Hixson singing her solo  "Away in a Manager" with her sister Cassy as an Angel next to her!Shephards Jim Simms, Andrew Smith & Jason HixsonJamie & Allie Mitchell performing in the play!

Narrator Pat Smith!Jamie & Allie Mitchell discovering the treasure chest during the production!The cast during production!  Doing a great job!!!!Our 3 Shephards - Jim, Jason & Andrew!  Amber to the right!

A great production was performed by members of Mizpah and our youth. 
Much hard work on their part was evident in their final performance!


Jim Smith departing the church with grandson's Jason & Andrew looking on!Our organist!Jamie Mitchell heading outdoors for the singing of "Silent Night"!

The congregation departing the church holding their candle singing "Silent Night"

Pastor Betty Jo Simms leading Silent Night outside Mizpah on Christmas Eve 2005! Tammy, Cassy & Amber Hixson knelling.

Pastor Betty Jo Simms let the congregation outdoors after the service to sing "Silent Night".  It was a beautiful night.  The absence of light and everyone still holding their candle made it all very special to participate in.

 God's presence was experienced by all!

Silent Night - many of the participants are the Shockley &  Clements families.Charles & Peggy Smith singing Silent Night!Andrew & Sheri Smith singing Silent Night!Congregation outdoors singing "Silent Night"Family members of Shirley & Gary Marter!Mizpah's Webmaster Pat Smith & her husband Jim!Jason & Tammy Hison with Brenda Clements & BettyJo Simms in the rear!

Christmas Eve out front of Mizpah UMC - a  beautiful sight was seen and sound was heard!

Coast Guard & Army members returned for Christmas worship at Mizpah!

Coast Guard Reservist Jason Hixson and his cousin Private Andrew Smith US Army at home attending Mizpah UMC for Christmas services 2005 - they participated as Shephard's in the Christmas Play  
We continue to pray for the safety of all our military during these uncertain times..

Pastor Betty Jo & her husband Jim opening their gift from the Church!

The church presented Pastor Betty Jo & her husband Jim Simms a beautiful hurricane lamp which they opened after the service.