Vacation Bible School 2007


Saturday   June 30, 2007  9 am-2 pm


Our theme was "Jesus loves me."

Matthew 19:14-15

Teachers sitting in the rear - children up front.

Learning a new song with motions and words - they got it down good....

Singing with hand motions: 
God loves me.  God loves me.
He holds my hand, he helps me stand.  God loves me!

Rev Sims reading about how 5 thousand were fed with 3 fish and 5 loaves of bread...

The group started off the day in the chapel.  Rev Betty Jo Simms taught them  new songs, prayers and bible stories. 
Pat Smith's pre-kindergarten group met in the great room - see their white decorated bags on the table.  As they completed their crafts they went into the bags to take home.  These children were very pleasant and loved the crafts, prayers, and stories they were taught. They decorated picture frames which a photo of their class was added for them to take home.  Rev Sims did activities with them and we also had a hide and seek game in the sanctuary.  They were also able to have lunch and later watermelon outside. 

Allie, Madison, Cassy and Rilee

Amber, Katie, Scott & Olivia with Ms Pat in the back

The middle class with ages 7-9 can be seen with  Pat Clements  in their classroom.  Their group pictures are proudly displayed on the table.  They decorated the frames themselves. They made witness braclets and book markers along with other crafts.   Ms. Pat said they really enjoyed the children and they were very attentive.

Other teachers in this class were Brenda Clements,  Carol and daughter Temple Lowry. 

Temple is a great great granddaughter of Annie Walker a founding member of Mizpah. read more about Annie Walker...



Linda Mitchell had the older children 10 & above in a section of the great room also.  They made witness bracelets during the morning and after lunch they explained to the rest of the classes what each bead on the bracelet meant.  They also decorated picture frames and other crafts. 

Lindsay Robinson was a helper for this class.

Ms. Linda standing, ?, Allie, Chelsie, ?, Madison, Madison & Lindsay

Ms. Linda gave numbers out to the children and they were able to play a game - as their number was drawn they selected a gift from the gift table that corresponded to their number.  This was extremely popular with the children.  She had so many gifts the children played this game twice to their delight. 
Members of Ms. Pat's & Ms. Brenda's class showing a craft called "God's eye" made from yarn and sticks.  They were very colorful and the children were so proud of what they had made. Olivia, Scott, Amber, Katie & Cassy in front...
It was a fun day for everyone!