Christmas 2005 at the Walkerton, VA Fire House
The Walkerton Fire House, Walkerton, VA is located on the banks of the beautiful Mattaponi River in King and Queen County. Walkerton is a small town that is filled with community spirit and involvement.  On December 3, 2005 the volunteer staff of firemen provided a free pancake breakfast to thank the community for all they have done for them over the past year.  A visit from Mr. & Mrs Claus was welcomed by all -- old and young alike.  A Brunswick Stew fund raiser was held that same day - photos of the crew cooking the stew in their huge outdoor pot can also be seen below.  Many of Mizpah United Methodist Church of Walkerton members were present for the event.
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photos provided by Gene Campbell and Patricia Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Claus visit the Walkerton Fire House December 3, 2005
Walkerton, VA Parade with Santa 2005Christmas 2005 Parade in Walkerton welcomes Mr. & Mrs ClausWalkerton Fire House December 3, 2005 Welcomes SantaSanta arrives at the Walkerton Fire House in style --- Hello SANTA!!!
Brunswick Stew in the making by the Walkerton Fire House fund raisers.Walkerton's own Benny Hardwick and family enjoying the free Pancake Breakfast provided by the Fire House Benny Hardwick and grandsonEnjoying their free pancakes!Kitchen crew making pancakes - don't they look festive!pickup window - free pancakes for all provided by the Walkerton Fire Department to thank the community.Santa greeting the guests! enjoying breakfast
 Santa greeting his young visitors - fun was had by all!
Mr & Mrs Claus -- your looking good today!so happy to see SantaI think I like this also.ok Santa thats all I want!Well I don't really know what I want!let me check this Santa person out...
dwarfed in the arms of Santa - I'm so small.Santa waiting and watching the stew cooking -- he's ready for a bowl!Santa is telling me a secret!  It must be what I'm going to get for Christmas.Smiling pretty for the camera.I'm enjoying this after all!Their telling Santa all they want for Christmas.
Little Cassy Hixson showing her love for Santa!Huh! Let me see what I want for Christmas Santa!all dressed up to visit Santa!Santa I really do love you!Santa --- I think I want a new baby doll and a T-Rex I love him also!!!Smiles for the camera! Hi Santa!Mrs. Claus commenting to Santa how nice all the children are today!
Where's Santa?I'm looking for Santa also!There he is...  I see him now!Santa and Mrs ClausSanta your so funny!Wonder what Mrs. Claus wants for Christmas?Aren't we jolly today?
Even the adult visitors enjoyed meeting Santa!
Pat Smith & daughter Tammy Hixson greeting Santa & Mrs. Claus!Everyone enjoying the Christmas Season and the visit of Santa!Gene Campbell putting in his wish list with Santa!Santa brings out a smile in everyone!
Let me see now?  Do I like this?Maybe its not so bad!There's that smile!!!!Ok this big red man isn't so bad!OK what do I want for Christmas?a family photo -  aren't they adorable?ok I think I'm finished -- Mom come get me!We're so cute!
Festivities are over Santa & Mrs. Claus departing!!! 
Their sleigh was awaiting them near Mizpah Church.
Mr. & Mrs. Claus departing the festivities at the Walkerton Fire House