Mizpah's Candlelight Service December 24, 2006

Pastor Betty Jo Sims Christmas 2006 at Mizpah

Cast of our play "Christmas Legends" before the play began

back row: L/R Jason in green, Julia held by daddy Ryan, Amber in blue and Allie in white

front row L/R Jamie in brown, Cassy, Madison Rylee and Megan

Linda Mitchell with granddaughter Madison along with her daughter Mary Kaye and husband

Our play in progress Amber (in blue) is Mary holding baby Jesus, Ryan is carrying Julia - they just placed baby Jesus in the manager on the alter, Jason & Jamie are Shepards - Cassy in gold was an angel who sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the audience

Our Legends of Christmas was about different items we use for our modern day Christmas celebrations and how they related to the Bible and the birth of Jesus.

The children enjoyed telling the audience about these legends.

Narrator Pat Smith

Mizpahs alter decorated for the holidays



Ms. Lillian Jones playing the organ

We had a special visitor who came to the alter at Mizpah and received a communion blessing and then continued on his rounds for Christmas Eve 2006.  The man in the "red suit." was seen leaving the chapel at Mizpah..


The congregation watching the performance

Brenda, Jean, Norma, Pat & Gene singing Silent Night

The Congregation was led outside the church by Pastor Betty Jo Sims for the singing of Silent Night while holding their lit candles.  The weather was nice which made it very enjoyable


Shawn,  Pat, Jim

Cassy & Amber